CSTS Philly

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Shiny Stuff!

Raffle Prizes

These are just some of the shiny prizes that were donated by our sponsors in 2011. Similar shiny items will be available at the raffles for 2017.

Bedlam Bards - Signed 'On the Drift' CD
Browncoats: Redemption - Redemption Fan Film DVD
Cats Dreaming - Misc. Earings, bookmarks, Browncoat Fabric Fortune Cookie
Dark Horse - Serenity comic
Done the Impossible - Firefly Documentary DVD
DragonWeave Jewelry - Serenity Necklace
Ian Leino - Serenity Sake pint glass and t-shirt
Illusionext - Jayne hat
John Anderson - Bellephoron 'Fire' Poster
Mike Henderson - Mal art print
Smart Pop Books - Collected essays (Finding Serenity or Serenity Found)
Things From Another World - 'Tink' posters from The Guild
Think Geek - LED Keyring Space Gun & Annoy-a-tron
Thomas Grooms - Alliance Coins
Utah Browncoats - Buttons and misc. print goods